Why is this page called Medicor Partners? Medicor is the latin verb meaning "to heal". Our biological machinery is far too complicated and precise to believe that random evolution fabricated every cell and organ in their different and harmonious functioning. Evidence of intelligent design is present even in the most humble and seemingly useless parts of our anatomy. Understanding our origins is the most important factor to maintain and recover health. Healing is a gift of the Creator working through human efforts (of both the "patient" and the "healing professional"), thus the partnership.

What shall we do to improve our health? Consider the NATURAL WAY. The way Our Maker designed it for the maintenance of Life and Health. Yes, this means more than a vegan lifestyle. You have to let God restore true life!!

We are Seventh-day Adventists, Christians that believe that God is the Creator and the Sustainer of life and health. Satan is the adversary and the author of sin, disease and death. The end of the conflict between good and evil is near. The Messiah will return to take His people home. In the mean time, His followers are to live guided by His teachings of love, compassion and obedience to his Commandments, laws given for our own benefit and happiness, including the weekly rest on the Seventh-day Sabbath as outlined throughout the Holy Scriptures.

Physical and Spiritual Health can be maintained and recovered by using the 8 natural lifestyle modification techniques contained in

The NEWSTART Program Acronym, a trademark of The Weimar Institute, Weimar, CA(R)

N utrition, E xercise, W ater (hydrotherapy), S unlight, T emperance (or moderation), A ir, R est and T rust (complete trust in God and the free offer of Salvation) You may click the WEIMAR INSTITUTE button for more information on the NEWSTART program. Or use the Yahoo search button to jump to another topic of interest. Also check


to learn about personal and relationship healing and Christian growth.

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"Who hath put wisdom in the inward parts? Who hath given understanding to the heart?" Job 38:36...

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